Use your dashboard as a reminder tool


  • Easy to enter events
  • Drop down menu for times
  • Allows you to select recurring alerts


  • Gets a little confusing when you have several alerts set-up


Are you forever forgetting things that you need to do? qwikALERT is a simple little widget to help you use your dashboard to keep you on top of upcoming tasks.

The simplicity of qwikALERT is it's most appealing feature. All you have to do is simply type what you'd like to remember or do, the date and time of the alert and hit Enter. You can configure alerts to be recurring, i.e. to remind you regularly at certain intervals or just once.

Entering events and configuring the time you want them to go off is easy using the drop-down Time menus. You can also choose a selection of sounds to accompany the alert, such as Basso, Purr or Glass sound. Finally, you can also customize the color of the interface and text using the preferences. It can become a little cluttered when you've set up multiple alerts, so it's better to use it for just a handful of events.

QwikALERT is a simple dashboard widget that discreetly allows you to keep track of important upcoming events and tasks.

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